Mentoring in the Book Arts.

For 25 years my wife and I ran a craft book bindery, paper marbling studio, a specialist box-making workshop and a letter-press printing facility, consequently I have a good working knowledge of these skills and am happy sharing what I have learned. 
If you are struggling with a particular problem concerning these crafts, I am confident I can help you solve it 
There is nothing like being taught in person, but that is not always possible, it helps if you have access to someone who has experience. 
For £25.00 a month you can find someone who is willing to take you under their wing, and help you solve the particular problem you are having, I use my experience plus text and pictures, the net and utube, bookbinding manuals I have published, any medium that is transmittable on the internet, you have my time and I usually give lengthy replies to your correspondence, and at 62 every second of my life is precious to me.
Subscribe below for £25.00, contact me at any time to cancel your subscription and I will do so immediately. 
I have been helping people online for over 15 years.  
City and Guilds graduate in fine binding and conservation with distinctions in 7 of the 8 qualifications
Our workshop was featured as a National Living Treasure by Country Life Magazine.mentor in the book arts 
I offer my expertise to you as a mentor, as a fellow craftsman.
I appreciate the trade, and in creating the Eden Workshops have probably been through any troubles you are facing.
I have helped many people over the years, mostly those with particular problems that I was able to help them solve, but sometimes people come to me saying they really want to seriously become bookbinders.
Now I have taken on these people before and have spent a lot of my time helping them getting them set up, finding the best deals on equipment and tools, giving them a great deal of my precious time, only to see them wither on the vine and give up, defeated by there own negative emotions, and sense of frustration, , the set backs and demands that leading a creative life impose will inflict real challenges on you.
But it can lead to great happiness, ask a craftsman why he does what he does and he may well say, "for love of the job".
As a mature artist craftsman I know exactly what it takes to become a bookbinder, it takes dogged determination, a refusal to accept defeat and overcome obstacles and the vital ingredient, CREATIVITY. Without it you are lost in the arts.

So henceforth I will only accept people as serious potential crafts people who can show evidence of their creativity, and understand the mental challenges they will encounter as they first struggle along an unfamiliar path.

I would ALWAYS say it is better to get one on one tuition, or tuition in a class, check your local area for evening classes, for those in the UK I have a comprehensive list of teachers and classes, just mail me for details.
I will always try to connect you with a real flesh and blood teacher, but that may or may not be possible, depending on your location. I will also connect you with bookbinding organisations in your area, I will help you find like minded friends on bookbinding forums, I will try to connect you with others.

For those who simply cannot find a teacher I will undertake to take you on through the limitations of the internet, it will not be perfect, but even if you had one on one personal guidance you would still be struggling, it helps if you have someone who really cares about you, I do care, as an artist I have always been led by my heart, by an irresistible will to create, I will be at your side when you need me, but whether you succeed and find the happiness and satisfaction you seek will depend on your Karma, whether your heart want's to become a bookbinder, how strong a will you have.

To undertake to do this will mean real commitment on my part, and I expect equal commitment in return, it will be more or less expensive depending on what you want to do, bookbinding is not a cheap hobby if taken seriously.

I am 62, a mature spiritual man, every second of my life is precious to me and undertaking to do this will take a lot of my time, this is only for the serious, who seek the lasting happiness a good craftsman knows.
The satisfaction a good craftsman knows is your Holy Grail, imagine you are pilgrims on the path to truth, you will be beset with many problems, many temptations to give up, but only your resolve to find the truth will guard you, this is no easy task, even someone with an open heart, which is the real magic behind the arts will experience difficulty.
I will ask £100.00 a month to do this, this is not an inconsequential amount of money, but neither is what I am offering in return.

I suggest writing to me first. Richard.
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