New Bookbinding Tutorials eBooks By Margaret Woods

Margaret introduced herself to us a little while ago, she asked if we would be prepared to feature her bookbinding tutorials on the edenworkshops site. I agreed, not only because I thought they might be of interest to those besotted with bookbinding, but also because I think they would draw people into bookbinding who practice different skills, such as jewellery making and embroidery.

The bookbinding tutorials feature long stitch sewing and Coptic sewing styles that have become popular in recent years, and are very complete with illustrated instructions. We hope you enjoy them.


After purchase you will be sent a link to a web page where you can download the relevant bookbinding tutorials.


The bookbinding tutorials are in .pdf format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat or similar to read them. You can download Adobe Acrobat for free here.


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This clearly written, straightforward book binding tutorial gives the dimensions, templates and sewing pattern for you to make this attractive and useful book. 

The book is bound using the 'Secret Belgian Binding', the discovery of which is attributed to Hedi Kyle.

You will need the following materials: book board, book cloth, paper for the pages, glue, and waxed cord. 

You will need the following tools: a large-eyed needle or bodkin, a sharp craft knife, metal ruler and bradawl or hole punch.




The instructions include useful tips on grain and full-size printable  templates for the cover and page holes, and page stitching layout. Price £11.05

bookbinding tutorialIf you are a good crafter or experienced in Origami with a feel for paper, you'll find this bookbinding tutorial fairly straightforward, although it does require some skill and care in measuring, cutting, folding and gluing.

The original design relies on the strength of the folded paper to keep it from tearing. My version is supported which makes it more versatile as you can then use any type of paper without fear of it coming apart.

All you need to make this book is some paper, card, cord and some basic craft equipment.


If you love paper, you will love making this book and be inspired to make more! Price £10.35

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If you've ever been shy of working with leather, then this is the bookbinding tutorial for you. Although making this journal requires some skill in crafting, cutting, folding, tearing and sewing, if you are used to making things, you will find it straightforward and satisfying.


If you already make books it will save you the hassle of having to work out the design. Obviously once you have made one, you can ring the changes and make you own variations.

You will need the following materials: leather, glue, paper and waxed cord.



You will need the following tools: a large-eyed needle or bodkin, a sharp craft knife, metal ruler and bradawl or hole punch. Price £11.05

bookbinding tutorials #5

This gives detailed instructions for making a miniature book which can be used as a jewellery   pendant. It describes several methods of attaching the book to a chain, the simplest of which do not require jewellery equipment.


For those new to bookbinding, and for jewellery-makers who want to expand their skills, this gives all the information needed to make the tiny book.

You will need crafting skills such as cutting and sewing but if you are an accurate, careful worker, you will find this straightforward.



This is a nice project if you are limited for space as everything is on a small scale. Price £11.05

bookbinding tutorials #6One of the more popular sewings for leather journals is the ‘Langstitch-Kettenstitch’ originating in Mediaeval Germany. It consists of a longstitch along the spine combined with a chain link stitch at the head and tail of the spine.


This tutorial combines two processes, the mediaeval sewing and a decorated, dyed or painted, leather cover. The sewing is fairly easy to master, practical, and quick to make and the end result is very attractive. You can ring the changes by creating different covers and using different coloured threads and methods of closure.


The book binding tutorial is illustrated with drawings and photographs and although specific measurements are given for this design, it is easily scaleable. Price £12.15

bookbinding tutorials #7This variation of the 'Blizzard' Binding makes a lovely photo album or memory book. It has a sturdy construction and the pages are removable. The book can be tied with ribbon or tape or left just as it is.

If you enjoy folding and playing with paper, you will love to make this book. The structure is straightforward but it does require care and accuracy in the making although there is no sewing involved.


There is scope for personalising every book you make so it is ideal for giving as a present including pages relevant to the recipient.


As the pages slot into pockets, they can be removed and changed and there is room to stuff in extra paper. It's a very tactile book and is nice to handle. Another feature is that it is freestanding so can sit on a shelf with the pages open for display. Price £11.15


bookbinding ebookThe design and pattern for this book is based on the ‘Nag Hammadi’ codices. These ancient gnostic texts were discovered in Egypt in 1945 near the small village of that name.

I have not attempted to make an historically accurate facsimile. Instead I have tried to create a book with the ‘flavour’ of the originals. My interest lies in adopting and adapting old binding methods to make artistic and useful contemporary books.

The original books were fairly large, about 29 x 18 cm (11.5 x 7 ins)and would have taken a whole hide of goat or sheep to make. I decided to use about half a shoulder of vegetable tanned calf skin and make my book about a quarter of the size: around 12 x 10 cm (5 x 4 ins).

This tutorial is suitable for anyone with general craft skills in measuring, cutting, sewing, etc.

The book is sewn with 'direct tacketing' which means you can undo the sewing and replace the paper quite easily.

The tutorial is fully illustrated with printable templates, photographs and diagrams. Price £12.15 


 book binding ebook

This is the second tutorial in my Mediaeval (Medieval) Series. It explains in detail how to sew a version of a parchment-covered book made in Estonia in 1539. It is fully illustrated with instructions, photographs and diagrams.

The sewing technique, construction and method of closure remain close to the original. The book can be made up easily using modern papers and materials without going to great expense.

I have also included an old bookbinding technique showing how to make faux parchment paper which I used for the cover. It gives the book an interesting look and feel.

Although I have made the book using decorative paper, it could just as easily be made with with a plain cover, with Momigami, a very thin leather or with real parchment.

The size of the finished book is approximately 14 x 12.5 x 3 cm OR 5.5 x 5 x 1 ins. Price £12.15












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