I received my equipment. Wow, the quality is astounding  I don't know where in the States I could get tools made this well.  The large laying press and finishing press are massive and the sewing frame is to die for.  I guess old world craftsmanship still lives.  I am glad I bought from you instead of buying in America just to get it fast.  To have the equipment (made and) delivered within 30 days was not too long to wait. Frank USA


The DVD's arrived last week and I have been glued to the tv screen. I have been busy sharpening my knives the way the DVD teaches, and it works! Great to have really sharp knives. Mac USA


Just a thank you for your excellent tutorial on clasp making -wonderful. Thanks so much. You're really generous to share your knowledge and skill with us youngsters. Tony UK


I had to write and thank you for your help during the last month, you guided me to a teacher near me and now I am actually enrolled on a 1 year part time bookbinding course. Thank you so much for your efforts. Ratchel UK


The equipment arrived safe and sound, it looks wonderful I can't wait to try it. Thank you for being so helpful. Louise UK

The article on calf marbling was awesome, when you get around to publishing your book, put me down for a copy. Jake USA


I just wanted to say thank you for being so patient with me over my choice of bookbinding press, it was so nice not to be subjected to the hard sell. Flo Scotland


Your manual on gilding was very useful, the illustrations helped to bring the process to life, I feel more confident of being able to get results from your method, thanks. Michael UK

The DVD, Tips From The Bookbinders Bench, is excellent. As you said, the production is very professional and easy to watch. The content is also very good, I knew very little about bookbinding, I now know a great deal more, or I will when I finish soaking up all the ideas presented. Great video, I will be back for more. Peter USA

The calf skin arrived safely thank you. It really is nice quality, I like the finish, very natural. Trevor UK


Just a few words of thanks for your manual on antique finishes for gold leaf. There is so much information and you de-mystify the subject admirably. Mark USA

The gilding box and accessories just arrived, it looks very well made. The box itself is really nice, I don't think you advertise it enough, as you said, it's solid hardwood and the fluting on the top sets it off well.... Very nice, thank you. Susan UK

Thanks for explaining how to sharpen the plough blade, the plough worked perfectly while the blade was sharp, and now I can re-sharpen it, I didn't think sharpening it was going to be easy, but the makers method is simple, even I can do it. Simon UK

I have not chuckled so much for quite a while, your monograph "Bookcloth & Ashes" is very funny, but also shows a deep knowledge of your subject, you should get these monographs published, I am going to print them out and bind them, very original. David USA

I downloaded your manual on Bookedge Marbling. Your method of marbling is different from the one I know, I like the fact your method results in damp proof papers, I wish I had learnt your method when I started, but Im'e rather stuck in my ways and to start again from scratch is too daunting, but the section on bookedge marbling was very interesting, I never knew how it was done. Thanks. Eric USA

Thanks for the sewing frame plans, I know it must be nice to have all wooden traditional equipment, but my pockets won't run to it, so thanks for your plans, I am going to make my own. Terry UK










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