Edge Gilding Equipment

A robust and simply designed gilding system, for use in book edge gilding or playing cards edges, or for whenever gold or silver foil needs to be applied to paper or card, or wood for that matter Produced by Schmedt this long established system provides a simple solution for short to medium run work.


Gilding is achieved through the use of a simple adhesive which is applied to the surface to be gilded, the adhesive is allowed to dry then gold or silver foil placed on top, a heated silicone roller on a long wooden handle is then rolled along the edge and the foil removed.


I like things to work out of the box, but a certain amount of trial and error work must be done to ascertain the correct working conditions for your particular environment. There are three variables involved in gilding books or playing cards:


Temperature of the roller, amount of pressure, and dwell, the amount of time the roller spends in contact with the surface, only trial and error will help you arrive at the correct settings for your unique situation. A complete handbook of instructions is available, just mail me at Richard:


Below is a list of all the equipment needed to carry out edge gilding to books or playing cards.


Please inquire for prices to Richard; edge gilding








Edge Gilding Roller £365.00

Item number 6050-050










Spare Roller 50mm £ Price £85.00

Item number 6050-100











Variable Thermostat ££95.00

Item Number 6707010









Gilding Press Price £ 158.00

Item number 6032-035















Edge Gilding Adhesive Price £25.00

Item number 3845-001









Gold or Silver Foil £15.67.00 per roll

Item number38481001


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